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We are pleased to report that, through the Task Force process, Canadian U*Us have affirmed the wide acceptance of the current Statement of Principles & Sources.

The mandate of the Statement of Principles Task Force is now complete.  Please direct any further comments and questions regarding this initiative to your CUC Board Member.



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Statement of Principles Task Force





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At the February 2008 CUC Board Meeting, the Statement of Principles Task Force presented its findings from the recent workshops that sought feedback on the current Statement of Principles...

One recommendation, which the Board supported, was to provide increased opportunities for education and exploration of the Sources by our members.

Other recommendations included pursuing specific wording changes. Of special note was the concern raised in the workshops regarding the naming of Jewish and Christian traditions in the Sources, the need for an explicit Call to Action, and inclusion of the concept of Environmental Stewardship.  The Board acknowledged that these issues were complex, and that some would be touched on during the planned Go-4-It! “Identity” initiative.  The Board elected to defer further discussion on these matters until after that initiative, and thus chose to bring closure to the current Task Force process. 

The Board acknowledged that the Task Force has fulfilled its mandate, and expressed its gratitude for the work undertaken.

The final report was formally presented to the 2008 CUC ACM in Ottawa.


CUC Statement of Principles Task Force
May 2008